Horseless Carriage Project Process (HCPP)

Horseless Carriage Project

Here is the purpose of the Horseless Carriage.


Take Christian comic/comix (European etc.) and Graphic Novel Developers and e-publish their works.


A comic is submitted.
It is received and a receipt goes to the developer.
An evaluation of the “piece” is initiated.
The piece is then rated with a rubric .
The evaluation is sent to the developer with any notes or suggestions


I realized that some type of evaluation system that would allow others to know of where they work stood regarding the publisher or the folks that are looking at it – had to be established.

First, I had to develop a Rubric with a number of defined evaluation points myself and others (who choose to put themselves out there for the cause) could use to score

Evaluation Rubric: at the end of the document

This Rubric is designed to give clarification and a direction as to what type of quality is needed to produce by the Horseless Carriage ™. The goal with this effort is to allow creators a window of what’s needed to be produced for the public and the necessary steps that are needed to become a successful name within our Christian Industry or the secular graphic novel industry.

Second, the evaluation piece is and will be modified. It is a document that will be in refined and upgraded to make sure it address the changing pace of developers, styles of art and the demands of the customers and communities we serve.

Third, I have established that in order to be of selection for the bundled graphic novel that I will assist in publishing, I had to make a set score that would make the cut and then have a second tier cut that would make another publication.

Fourth, my goal is to publish Christian comic art (easier to say that then graphic novels, comics and comix) and to get exposure for Christian artist. In order to do that I have to develop as many avenues as possible and create as many channels as possible for artist of all kinds.

Fifth, I have to create categories for the project. The easy one is children based comics and stuff.

I would give this the PK (6-10) and then use the standard MS (middle school age 11-14), YA (15-19) and then Adult (20 and older).

With all of this I had to also think of how to determine what is going be acceptable. Well, here is the deal – does it have a message? If the point of the comic is to talk about how a person is coming off of Crack or the hero is working his way out of something horrific then yeah it is appropriate.

Is there a place for Adult based comics with this project? Yes! But, this means in regards to the message and with an understanding of the audience and the direction of the project.

Meaning – please no erotica, Christian or not! No, porn, and no projects so risky that I start to break out in a sweat when myself or others review it.

You as the developer know what is appropriate for this type of project.

Now the point where everyone is wondering if I am going to address, money!

Yes, I plan on discussing this in full detail. My goal right now is to gather as much information and create a strategy that will provide the most for the developer and cover the basic cost of the project.

My thoughts are this is more of a “think tank” or a Xerox Park (mouse, Ethernet kind of thinking) or more of a Linux / Grass Roots Christian Graphic Novel Publishing effort.

I am debating if the Project should be a non-profit (501c3) or traditional LLC. But, whatever it is, I will make sure that the community is informed and up to date with the correct and most accurate information.

Talk to you soon….




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